Laurel Ridge    Beverly Hills     Florida

If you need to contact help for a non life threatening event
that may have something to do with the community in
general like a tree that has fallen and is blocking part of a local
street, water leaking at a vacant house, or you just don't know
who to call, here are a couple of numbers to try.

Villages Services Co-op  352 746 6770
Don Williams 352 270 8005

Click Here for the link to the L.R. Board of Directors list
of duties including phone numbers and email addresses.

Water,  sewer,  and garbage collection problems call Rolling
Oaks Utilities 352 746 4291.

Helping Hands Services call Randy Carter 352 746 3045

For a copy of the Laurel Ridge Directory contact
Tom Schueneman 352 513 5122 or email

To report a deed restriction problem contact the person
in charge of your area. Here's a link to the list of volunteers
for your area that can help you,
click here.