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Laurel Ridge
Modifications Committee
THE LAUREL RIDGE MODIFICATIONS COMMITTEE is a totally volunteer group of 9
community residents who donate their time and energy in helping to see that the
deed restrictions as outlined in our declarations of covenants, conditions &
restrictions are adhered to.

Every resident of Laurel Ridge is responsible for familiarizing themselves with
the deed restrictions as outlined in the above noted declaration. If you are not
sure if the changes you plan to make to your property comply with the stated
restrictions, then you should contact one of the members of the committee for
guidance. (Please refer to the list of members and their assigned areas attached)

The modification Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month, and all
are invited to attend, especially if you have questions regarding restrictions
which you may wish to address to the committee. A copy of the meeting agenda
will be placed on the bulletin board at the Clubhouse.

Members will review their assigned areas on a regular basis and if any deed
restriction violations are noted ,they will place a notice in the residents paper
tube noting the violation. The committee member will make a note on the
violations log for a 10 day follow up to see if the violation has been corrected. If
not, the member will notify Villages Services, our management company, who
will then send a written notice within to the resident requesting correction of the
violation within 14 days.

In cases where a resident observes a violation by another resident and wishes to
and forward it to either a member of the committee or the chairman. The
complaint will be reviewed by the committee and investigated to determine its
validity and what action, if any, will be taken.

When a resident wishes to make changes to their property they must fill out an
“architectural change request form” and submit it to a member of the committee.
That request may either be approved by the committee member or, depending
on the nature of the request, be submitted to the full committee for review at its
next meeting.

When a requested, approved change to a resident’s property has been
completed, the resident will fill out a “certificate of compliance “and notify any
member of the committee to review the requested property change. Assuming
the requested change conforms to the original request; the modification
committee member will sign off to that effect and provide the resident with a
copy of the completed COC.

LRCA Deed Restrictions list the Regulations in full, these are just a few.
1.        Exterior painting of residence (even if painting the same color)
2.        Roof shingle replacement
3.        Driveway or sidewalk changes (including painting)
4.        Planting or removal of any trees, hedges or shrubs
5.        Placement of items on original poured concrete slab (even under
roof line) in the front of residence
6.        Adding a pool or fence
7.        Addition of storm shutters, solar panels, or awnings

1.        No artificial grass, flowers, plants, or other artificial vegetation
2.        No exterior sculptures, fixtures, statues, figurines, or similar.
(Exception: Plain or unadorned stone birdbaths, within certain size limits, are
permitted on front or side yards ).
3.        No landscape devices, including license plates, farm implements,
tools, or similar.
4.        No decorative signs, flags or banners (except the American flag)
5.        Tasteful holiday decorations are allowed. (Remove in timely manner.)
6.        Items suspended from house, trees, bushes, lamp poles, mailboxes,
(Exception: holiday decorations)

This list is representative of the LRCA Deed Restrictions and Modifications
Guidelines. Be sure to read these documents thoroughly before making any
changes. Contact any member of the Modifications Committee for further
clarification or the forms you need. SOME FORMS ARE AVAILABLE BELOW
If you're planning to improve, modify, or do anything to
change your house. You will want to check out the
documents below.

Modification Procedures
Architectural Review Procedures and Guidelines
Click Here

Architectural and Landscaping Request Form  Click Here    

Laurel Ridge Deed Restrictions click here                         

Supplemental Declaration for Villas    
January 29th 1993

Modification Committee  Amended 2011 click here                            

Restated Declaration of Restrictions click here   
Amended 2012

Association By-Laws click here    
                       Current Modifications Committee Members and Areas      

NAME                       PHONE (352)                    DESIGNATED  AREA    

Walt Madden 352-527-2598  Lower Hillwood ( # 537 and down) &  Larchmont Ct.  

Bill Brunswick            352-527-2391              All of Romany Loop  

Carol Bowers             352-270-3866              All of  Greenside Villas                

Suzanne Matthews 352-746-6051            El Camino Drive &  Amalfi Ct.

Lola Nogowski  812-229-6629           Upper Hillwood Path,  Huntwood &  
                                                             Jadewood Loop & all of Clifton Place

Walt Madden  352-527-2598            Hillmoor,  Barclay  & Maywood

Pat Williams  352-270-8005            Jademoor  Dr. &  Rexford  Dr.

Sherry Soule  352-586-1475            All  of  Crestmont  Ct.

Pete  McCune  330-701-5551            All  of  Crestline Dr.

** NOTE that if your Representative is unavailable, you can call any other Mod Com
Member with questions, and or to submit a request for any changes to the Exterior
of your Home or Yard.

Call Villages Services – Be sure to register any changes to your Phone Number or
Contact Information with our Community Association Manager, Amy at  352-746-
6770.   Thank You!
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